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Cool Offices (Surprise, mine isn’t one of them, but neither is yours!)

25 Sep

I just stumbled on this article from Flavorwire, entitled “10 of the World’s Most Eye-Catching Offices.” The majority are located in Europe, which further supports my claim that I should move to Europe immediately. Unless you enjoy the horrendous interior design of a modern-day office–the fluorescent lighting, dirty indoor-outdoor carpet, and institution-styled furniture–I think you’ll enjoy the piece.

Here are a few of my favorites, and you can see the whole list and more photos here.

Goes along perfectly with my love for fall! (Madrid, Spain)

Definitely better than looking at a brick wall all day! (Madrid, Spain)

I would like to work across the street from this building, so I can stare at it all day. (Porto, Portugal)

Not only is this person lucky enough to have their own desk, unlike myself, it is AWESOME. (Atlanta, Georgia)

A Misleading Season

24 Sep

Happy fall! I love fall, a lot. I love to hike, wear sweaters, sing about my love for cool weather,  and tell everyone that I’m going to get married in September, because the leaves are beautiful and it would make for dramatic photos. But mostly I love fall because I get to go back to school!!

O wait. I don’t go to school anymore. I have a semi-full-time job. This totally ruins my sweater-wearing fantasies, since my office is always 900 degrees, and it probably ruins my getting married dream, because I work with a bunch of women and sit in an office cave. And having a job has pretty much ruined every other life dream that I have ever had, since it has sapped my life of creativity, ambition, and joy.

But after talking to some of my friends who are still in college, the pain is starting to dull. I really don’t miss the constant stress of school, or the roommate drama, or the all-night study sessions. Plus, all my friends are FREAKING OUT about not getting a job. To that I say: Ha. Ha. Ha. And also: “DON’T GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!”

Obviously there are perks to working, and it comes in the form of a weekly check. So there’s that. But just think about it: 19 years of the same lifestyle, and then WHAM. You are suddenly commuting and singing Broadway show tunes to yourself and seeing your friends for an hour in passing and drinking wine with your parents on a Saturday night. And listen Mom, I don’t need you to tell me that you think I’ve had to much. I need that to get through watching When Weather Changed History, which is probably the most boring show in the history of television, although it ranks slightly higher than the PBS Special, Death of a Dream: Farmhouses in the Heartlandzzzzzzzzzzzz.” Wow, sorry, fell asleep there for a second.

Anyway, it’s been a month since my friends, and my sister, have left for college, and at this point it’s really too late to pretend that this job is an extended summer internship, a really crappy summer job, or anything that resembles the term “temporary.” So I might as well just suck it up and go roll around in all my money while my friends spend time in the library. I know people say money doesn’t buy happiness, but when you’re grasping for straws, you take what you can get.


20 Sep

The line has been crossed. By a toe, really, but by enough that I had to take action.

Yesterday at work, someone came up to me and said “I read your blog, it’s hilarious.” But hilarity I did not feel. Cold, sickening fear was more like it. Apparently someone who reads (read) “I Am Not a Waitress” was reading it at work and passed it along to my coworker.

Now, I don’t really think I have to explain why this is a SUPREMELY BAD IDEA. Not only does it make me look unprofessional, but god-forbid they slip up again and suddenly my boss is reading about her forehead eyebrows. As much as I dislike this job, it’s better than no job. Trust me, it pains me to write those words.

So basically I’ve spent the past few days deleting “I Am Not a Waitress” and getting this blog back up to speed. You can still read all the old posts in the “IANAW” Monthly Posts Menus, and I’ll be updating regularly. And since I’m now forced to say the obvious, this blog is Not Safe for Work (NSFW). At least it’s not safe at my work. And hopefully none of you will ever have to experience that unless you have a desire to be held in the grips of life panic and total helplessness. Otherwise, enjoy at your leisure!