Money (finally) well spent

6 Oct

Back in the beginning of the summer, I decided that if I was going to be miserable for the next year, but still making money, I might as well go on vacation.  Who cares if I would be by myself, possibly trekking through a third world country. As long as I was far away from the words “NJ Transit” and “work,” I could be kidnapped by a Mexican drug lord and probably still be happy.

So I planned the most elaborate, complex, and thought-out trip I could imagine: a 5-day tour of Peru. Peru is a great place to set aside some serious planning time–there’s a lot to see and plenty of ways to see it all. I spent pretty much 2 full work days planning it, looking for cheap flights, finding hostels, and taking copious notes.

And then: MY CAR. My wonderful piece of $%@!# car started taking all of my money. $500 here, $150 there, each repair bringing me hundreds of dollars farther from a pleasant stroll through the Inca Ruins of Maccu Piccu and the luxurious softness of Peruvian wool against my ears. I finally ripped the notebook page filled with inane cost and time plans for my perfect trip and wiped my daily tears with it before sinking into the realization that the farthest I was going to go on vacation for the time  being was the Catskills, where my parents have a house. And only if they were driving.

But then September rolled into October and nothing was wrong with my car! Suddenly I was $650 richer! I had options. I could save, or I could spend.  No guess-work needed, I spent it baby! And who the hell cares, I’M GOING TO CANADA!

Yes, my first trip as an “adult” will be College Week at Mont Tremblant. Think Spring Break,  but winter/quaint Canadian village/spiced cider style. This works for me, since I love quaint Canadian villages. Also, the price was really great.

As a “working woman,”  I sort of imagined myself taking refined wine tours of Napa and sailing through New England with my Harvard-graduated main squeeze rather than partying with frat boys and getting an unattractive goggle tan . But tickets to Napa are too expensive on my salary, and my wine palate is restricted to boxed wine. And I don’t really want to get into that New England fantasy. But this trip to Canada has given me something to look forward to and an assignment.  I have three months to come up with a really good excuse to miss an entire week of work right after the holidays. I’m considering wisdom teeth issues, a horrible, undocumented case of stomach flu, and the most appealing, getting a new job before I have to put in my request.


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