Dress Code

8 Oct

The dress code at my work is somewhere below business casual. A lot of times, it’s far below. Example: the other day I walked into work to find a hooded, baseball-capped figure sitting in my seat. Was it a tech guy emerging from his cave to fix a computer problem? No, it was my colleague, apparently dressed for a hip-hop throw down after work. The head of my department ran our weekly meeting in a velor track suit, so I think you get the picture I’ve been trying to burn from my brain the past few days.

I, on the other hand, dress like I’m actually going to work. While I’ve since hung up the skirt suits for the time being, the closest I get to casual is jeans on a Friday. Even when I worked the 5 am shift, I wore a pencil skirt and cardigan. It’s not that I’m trying to one-up my co-workers or walk around with my nose up in the air, but I enjoy looking nice. Plus, who knows who may be looking. Perhaps a future boss…?

But today, I just did not feel like going to work. Of course, this is nothing new,  but today, I could not motivate myself to put the effort into dressing well. So I slipped, and have spent the entire day feeling self-conscious and unprofessional. Now, this outfit is not pajamas, jeans, or a track suit, but it’s closer than I think it should be. The most I could muster today was black leggings and a black fleece sweater.

I know. Leggings. And I know. Fleece. But I’m tired, and usually no one but my coworkers see me and yesterday I wore a dress. I needed a break. Don’t judge. But even though I just told you not to judge, and you can’t even see me, I can feel it. Just as I could feel it all day at work. Of course, things immediately started to go off course. I stepped out of the elevator and practically into said track-suit-wearing boss. That was not part of the plan. Neither was the head-to-toe  scan she did of me. Then, one of my other coworkers had just come from a meeting, so she was wearing a suit. Another was wearing a pretty skirt and blouse, and the third is rich and always wears nice clothes and I didn’t think I’d be working with her today so STOP JUDGING ME.

I admit, I  looked a little too relaxed. And that’s just not my thing. In high school, people used to comment when I wore jeans to school. “Are you sick? Where’s the skirt today?” So the fact that I went to work in a step up from pajamas was just too weird. I SURRENDER TO WEARING COMFORTABLE CLOTHES TO WORK.

But I won’t sacrifice my blue jellies sandals. Don’t push me that far.


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