A light at the end of the tunnel??

21 Oct

I have a job interview on Friday! So for all you people wondering if I’m just resting on my laurels, think again! I apply to jobs on a weekly basis, and while my success rate has been abysmal, it’s nice to know that employers realize I exist outside the black hole of despair where I’m currently employed.

This is actually the second interview I’ve had since starting this job, and the last one was a very clarifying experience. It felt really good to know that someone was still impressed by me, or at least impressed enough to offer me another entry-level job. Nothing stokes the ego like being told someone wants you. Plus, the last interview I had introduced me to the idea that there are in fact more boring jobs than the one I currently hold. And then I proceeded to sit in traffic for an hour during rush-hour, and suddenly my weird hours didn’t seem so bad!

The other benefit of having an interview while you’re currently employed is that there is a lot less pressure. When I got this job, I was weeks from graduating and the pressure to get a job was intense. Every single conversation I had was about “the future” and “real life” and “Oh my God, I will just DIE if I’m not employed.” So when I had a job interview here, I jumped on the chance and presented the image of the perfect candidate. I said the right things, asked few questions, and immediately said yes when offered the gig. Of course, the thrill of being employed lasted approximately 3 days, I started work on the 4th, and realized that I really had no idea what I was hired to do. And then came the tears. Oooo, the tears.

And here I am almost 6 months later, maybe better off, maybe worse, and I feel good about this interview on Friday. If I really allowed myself to think about it, I’d be putting deposits down on apartments, buying new clothes, and breaking out, once again, my rich, refined person’s accent. But I’m trying to stay calm, which is actually quite easy when you’re barely sleeping.

I just want to be loved! And I want to feel good about myself! Mostly I just want to feel that all of my hard work is being validated. I know that’s a pretty hefty list, and I will do my best not to get down on my knees and beg them to hire me. I’m not entirely ruling it out….but I’ll try.


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