A movie that pretty much sums up the last 6 months of my life

12 Nov

Last night I spent the last two hours of my shift productively watching movie trailers on YouTube. Aside from developing an obsession with Blue Valentine, (which comes out in December and stars my favorite actor Ryan Gosling! Eeep!) I also came across another little indie flick Tiny Furniture, which is about a college grad who moves back home, finds herself a fish out of water, and tries desperately to  adjust to her post-graduate life. An alternate title would be The Story of My Life.

Of course, the movie critics were all over the film. Everyone loves to judge. But one particularly sensitive reviewer summed the movie up in this way:

“Surrounded on all sides by what she could become, Aura just wants someone to tell her who she is.” 

Well said IMDB anonymous movie reviewer snogurl360! So glad you were able to sum up in 20 words what I’ve been crying and stressing about understanding for  the past 6 months!

I also really relate to the poster above. Is this movie about me?! Where are my royalties??  Take note parents, sister, friends, coworkers, 11:00 bus driver, 1:00 bus driver, random people on the highway, random people on the street, clerk at Duane Reade, gas station attendant, my car steering wheel, my dog, and the 10th red stoplight I’m sitting at: I AM HAVING A VERY, VERY HARD TIME.

Aura gets me. Aura and her tiny furniture and arm tattoo understands! I think I’ll be seeing this movie…and I think I’ll be seeing it at least 20 times.



One Response to “A movie that pretty much sums up the last 6 months of my life”

  1. Laura November 14, 2010 at 2:58 pm #

    You’re getting an arm tattoo?

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