17 Nov

I GOT A NEW JOB!!! It’s finally happened, and I didn’t even really have to beg for it! Someone from my old internship called me, I had an interview which I ROCKED (excuse my obnoxious bragging, I’m excited!) and a week of sleepless nights later, I got an email with the terms of my life-hell freedom contract, also known as a JOB OFFER!!

Yes, I am pretty pumped, and so excited to start on a new adventure. Of course, this is coming on the heels of some pretty enjoyable weeks at work, a more regular schedule, and some new friends.  BUT, as my sister pointed out in my moment of weakness, it took four months of total over-dramatic misery to get two months of fragile work contentedness. Now I’m just focusing on the fact that I’m back on track toward some life goals and actually using my college degree for things other than writing this blog.

However, my mood was dampened slightly when I realized I was going to have to tell my bosses I was quitting a week before Thanksgiving, but apparently, my positive life orb was emitting full force, because they were both really happy for me! So no burned bridges or dark clouds hanging over me for the rest of the week, which is a relief. Now, I’m finishing my job here on Friday and reporting to my new tenure on Saturday morning….yup, another job that will eat away at my weekends and social life. Plus, the “normal” hours of my shifts will be midnight to 9 am! Expect to see some delirium-induced entries in the months to come.

But all-in-all, this is a launching point for me, and it will be nice to be working in a place that encourages ambition. Plus, I’ll be working with people my own age, learning work skills I can actually talk about without falling asleep and the permanent bump on my forehead from my daily head-banging will finally be reduced. I’m glad I didn’t decide to cut bangs in my hair, because that’s never really worked out well for me. With this streak of positives, maybe even my hair will cooperate! Eh, I’d rather not test it.


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