The First Two Days: A Retrospective

22 Nov

I’m currently 6 hours into my 2nd shift at my new job (it’s 6 am). While I don’t want to make too many spot judgments, I’m getting some pretty good vibes so far! Possible reasons:

  • My id picture: Since I interned here previously, they kept my photo on file, so I was spared a 4 am photo session. Plus, the photo is decent, which makes it the one and only semi-attractive photo of me taken under harsh, fluorescent lighting.
  • My desk: Well, it’s not really my desk per se, but it is actually a desk, and not just a computer on a table. I can even bring a book to work and leave it there without it taking up half the space! Promotion? I think so.
  • Free coffee: In the past 2 days, I’ve drunk about 10 cups of coffee and paid approximately zero dollars for it. Let’s put that in perspective: if I had to pay, I would have spent almost $30 if I had gone to Starbucks (which I would never do because that place is a MASSIVE RIPOFF).
  • Free breakfast: You all know how much I love free things, and having name brand cereal at arm’s reach at 2 am is pretty great.
  • I’m using my brain: Aside from the fact that my brain is exhausted, it’s actually being used! I had to dust off the cobwebs a bit, but it’s back in business! And this is one powerful brain, let me tell you…watch out when this thing is in use!
  • I don’t feel panicked, distressed, hysterical, bitter, jealous, or angry: It’s been 6 months, but I feel like I’m finally making progress towards reaching a career goal, and while I know it’s not going to happen overnight, I’m accepting it, instead of weeping.

Aside from feeling a bit groggy, I have this foreign feeling overcoming me…could it be positivity?! I’ll mull that one over for a while, but thinking back on day one of old job (calling parents in tears, falling asleep because of boredom) and day one of new job (talking to parents sanely, falling asleep from deprivation) I think I may have turned a corner!


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