I Work Ridiculous Hours

5 Dec

I’ve been plugging away at the new job for two weeks now, and it is still really, really weird to be working from midnight to 9 am. I’ve managed to fit in enough sleep here and there, before carbo-loading, sleep style, on my days off. But it’s just not normal to be awake at those times, and if my forray into working the 5 am-1 pm shift at my last job was any indication, I get a little loopy in the late/early hours. Examples:

1. I’ve listened to the same song 10 times in a row and still cannot comprehend the words. (This is actually not exclusive to overnight hours…)

2. I’m shopping for butcher knives and cosmetic bags online (for Christmas, people!! Uh, still weird though.)

3. I’ve scrolled through Facebook every ten minutes for the past hour. No one has updated anything. Surprise!

4. After rereading through what I’ve written thus far, I realized I can’t spell. (Also not exclusive to the overnight hours.)

5. Somehow, my shoe came off and magically disappeared under my desk. Did not realize this until I was halfway across the room…wearing one black shoe and a blue sock.

6. Apparently I can’t tell the difference between black and blue.

These hours make my shifts at my old job seem absolutely indulgent. I can’t believe I used to complain about working until 10:00 at night! Now, all I do is work and obsess over whether I’ll be able to get enough sleep. Ah, how I miss that place.

Wait…..WHAT?! Did I actually just reminisce about a job that turned me into an absolute psycho-whack-job? Oh my gosh, I DID! What is wrong with me? Quick, must think of ways to not reminisce, must think of ways to not….o, I got one! EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT THAT JOB. Phew, glad I straightened that out!


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