Freedom is Near

26 Dec

One hour to go and I am free from work for a marvelous five nights, where I will sleep NON. STOP. for the better part of the next three days.

I’m exhausted–I’ve slept a total of 3.5 hours over the past two days, perhaps because of the excitement of Christmas and my fear of missing out on anything slightly resembling a social activity, but probably because my brain hates me and won’t stop buzzing so I can get some rest! Of course, my brain shuts down when I actually need it to semi-function: the second I get to work. But today, like yesterday, required absolutely nothing of me, which is perfect, because I am unable to give in practically every way possible. I’m your girl if someone at the office is looking for a still-life model of a catatonic twenty-something though.

Now, the next few weeks will offer me a plethora of opportunity to get some normal sleep. Once again, my boss has obliterated any chance of me actually making any money or getting promoted within, let’s say, the next 20 years, because my schedule was slashed to just two days…on the weekend….for the next three weeks. But honestly, I’m not really too bummed–these hours are kicking my ass, and looking back, the last time I’ve taken a break longer than a three-day-weekend was last Christmas, and even then I headed back to college two-weeks early to start my internship. Then I interned through spring break, started my job the day after graduation, missed my family vacation and have worked every major holiday since. And look where it’s gotten me. So I’m not really feeling all that bad about it. Who needs a paycheck anyway? I’ll just keep repeating that to myself, before the vision of me living in my parent’s house until I’m forty forces me to chain myself to my desk and not leave until I’ve made enough for a rent payment.


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