Things That Are Making 2011 Look Like 2010

2 Jan

On the bus ride to work today, I spilled coffee all over my face. This burn, which encompassed most of my left nostril, actually helped to even out the scalding burns from the  other 10 billion times I’ve done this. While I was dabbing off the dripping coffee and cursing under my breath, I realized that since 2011 started, perhaps things aren’t changing as instantaneously as I typically anticipate of the new year. Other such examples:

1. I sat at many red lights on the way home from work:This goes against my resolution to no longer sit at red lights on the way home from work.

2. I woke up late: I thought 2011 would be my year to actually GET UP when my alarm goes off. But it’s not.

3. People are still freakin idiots: Ok, so it is Saturday night, and people are nursing/adding to hangovers.  But it’s the new year! Shouldn’t all of these people have made a resolution to not be freakin idiots/take up the entire sidewalk/meander around like FREAKIN IDIOTS?

4. I still want to punch 90% of the world in the face: Yea, maybe I need to work on my patience a tad bit more…

See, this is the problem with New Years–you expect to wake up on January 1st and have this perfect, rectified life. All your faults gone, all of everyone else’s faults gone, all the little glitches in your life system magically smoothed out. This is probably why people don’t keep their resolutions, because it’s just too easy to slide back into the bad habits of yesteryear (well, actually, yesterday). But I haven’t bitten my nails since 2010, so I’m one for five baby!

I think I’m being too hard on myself….and the world. So it was almost like a sign when I saw this video and realized how small/unimportant my life really is. Nothing like an ego-smash to start your day.


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