I Am Lame.

6 Jan

I’ve found the reason why people get jobs: so they are not bored out of their minds! Because of some weird scheduling snafus at work, I’ve only been on the schedule two days over the past week and a half, which has left me with hours and hours of uninterrupted time. I don’t have to remind anyone that I HAVE NO LIFE–I’ve pretty much beaten that fact into the ground both on this blog and elsewhere. But at least last week, I had the distraction of the holidays and a quick jaunt up to the Catskills to keep me busy. This week, I’m one second away from drowning myself in alternative 90s music and watching chick-flicks alone on the sofa until 3…well, maybe more like 1/2 a second actually. Ugh, I need a hobby.

Fortunately, I have enough of a social filter and a firm grasp on what would keep me from sinking to new lows of lameness that I stopped myself from participating in several events that would have made this two-week sabbatical truly pathetic:

1. Seeing Blue Valentine by myself: I really want to see this movie, but I figured it couldn’t get much worse fantasizing about a failing relationship that I don’t have while watching people in a failing relationship, probably with people in relationships (failing or otherwise). Do you see my logic? Ok, basically, I didn’t want to go to a movie alone. Yea, now you get it.

2. Listening to Alanis Morissette: See also “drowning myself in alterative 90s music.”

3. Staying in my pajamas all day: I changed from pajamas, to sweats, to leggings, then back to pajamas. This counts, right?

So basically, I need a serious social intervention. Next week is my ski trip to Canada, which might be complete overload after these past couple of weeks, but at least it will get me into pants without an elastic waist. It’s the little things.


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