I Am Sick of Snow

22 Jan

Winter, please go away.

Gone are the days when I actually look forward to snow. A big storm used to mean no school, chocolate chip cookies, and skiing. Or in college, movies, 3 pm drinking, and trashy tv. But now, snow means checking the weather channel approximately six million times, digging my car out of the park-and-ride at 7 am, digging my car out of my driveway at 11 pm, and grey-hair inducing commutes to and from work. While I have yet to actually witness a silver strand, I know it’s coming. How could it not?!

Yesterday was the third week in a row the east coast got hit with a major storm. The first storm made it impossible for me to get to work, and then impossible to get sleep, since I was obsessing over how my inability to drive my car through unplowed roads would affect my career. Storm number two occurred while I was at work, and my day ended right in the middle of a massive ice storm. It took me double the time to get home, I fishtailed across the highway twice, and generally freaked out that I wouldn’t live to see another day. Storm number three occurred on my day off, where I then spent half of it digging my car out of  six inches of snow, and then another four inches of ice. My back hurts.

My descent into crotchety middle-aged working woman is coming faster than next week’s nor-easter. Now I watch the storm updates with a growing dread over getting to work and what shoes I can wear. Unlike school, which gets cancelled, and internships, which are extremely storm-sensitive, work is non-negotiable. It’s like I’m working for the postal service–“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,” but we didn’t get mail yesterday, and I’m sitting at work, so what does that say? Plus, I live so far from work that sometimes the snow I get is not the snow work gets. I almost sent photo-documentation when I was stranded from storm number 1, but I didn’t think a photo of me shredding up the slopes would be all that good for my reputation…

Sigh, another lost joy of my pre-working life. Well they say once you have kids, you start re-living the joys of childhood, so perhaps a solution? That’s the way to do it, me. What a perfectly rational idea. Maybe there was something else in the snow I ate this afternoon. Like drugs.


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