Retail Therapy

30 Jan

I just got my schedule for next week–I’m on it a whopping 2 days! This means I’m making NO MONEY, just like every single week for the past month. This is a problem, because I’m having the urge to spend. And buy stuff I don’t really need. And buy more stuff just because.

This is pretty rare for me. I really don’t like to shop unless I have something in mind and once I get to the mall, I want to leave it ASAP. It’s crowded, people are oblivious, and I rarely find anything I actually want to buy. Plus, I only ever shop the clearance rack, so it takes a lot of work to find anything. But lately, I’ve been in a constant mood to shop ’til I drop!

So in an attempt to squelch my eager debit card, I bought this AWESOME pair of boots–a cross between a riding and motorcycle boot, black, knee-length and PERFECT. This was actually more of a need than a want–I got caught wearing ballet flats in the middle of the worst snow storm of the season and they were deeply on sale. But what a rush! I zipped those puppies up and stomped my way through the snow, turning heads and basically killing it. It’s amazing how something new can totally affect your mood–I walked out of the store feeling better than I had in days! Plus, the compliments I was getting elevated my attitude even more!

Which lead me to pair of boots #2.

Pair of boots #2 are grey suede, ankle length, and PERFECT.  These were definitely more of a want, but were combined with the need to buy something else. I went into the mall deciding I wasn’t going to leave until I had a bag in my hand, and I found these an hour into my quest, bought them, and promptly left.

But two pairs of shoes have done little to calm my buying appetite. Now that I have an entire uninterrupted week off, I’m furiously searching for travel deals, all 900 seasons of Saved by the Bell and directions to the Mall of America. It needs to be spring NOW before I waste my weekly income on anything else. But considering my weekly income is less than I made AS AN INTERN, is it even worth it to save? In the grand scheme of things, how will my $150 be best spent–with it sitting in the bank, or with me sitting on the beach?

Maybe this is just a bout of cabin fever–so much snow, so little to do. But I think my urge to shop is stemming from a bigger need to just be satisfied with something in my lifeand if that’s another three pairs of shoes, I guess I’ll do what I have to do.


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