Ego Trip

31 Jan

Phew! What a night! After a shaky start, Sunday continued to prove that I should’ve just stayed home.

Now, I get it. I am at the ABSOLUTE BOTTOM of the chain here, and considering most of the people who work here had my job at one time, I’m sure they too encountered the criticism and the rudeness that has become commonplace. And maybe when/if I get promoted, I’ll be a raging bitch to the people on staff. But tonight, it sucks, and has been pretty relentless since I walked in the door.

Here’s a sampling of the conversations I’ve had:

While asking the editor to take a call:

Me: Excuse me, someone’s on the other line for you.

Editor: (after taking the call) Next time, write the message on a post-it, because when you scream at me, it makes me lose my train of thought.

Ok, so I sit approximately 12 INCHES away from this person, and MOST DEFINITELY did not scream.

While on the phone with a frazzled producer:

FP: I need you to get me the number for so-and-so NOW. IT’S URGENT.

Me: (taken aback) Sure thing. Just give me one sec.

Shall we talk about screaming now? Because she was MOST DEFINITELY screaming at me.

While exchanging light conversation with someone talking about their Saturday night:

Me: That’s such a great story! Haha, hilarious.

STASN: Yea, we can’t talk about this right now, I need you to do something for me.

Wait, we weren’t talking about anything. You were telling me about your night.

While sitting there in silence doing absolutely nothing with my supervisor:

Supervisor: Can you call the IT department for me, my computer isn’t working.

Me: Sure, what’s wrong with it?

Supervisor: I need you to call IT! Get somebody down here to fix it.

Of course, when I called, they wanted to know what was wrong with the computer. Response: It won’t start. Cut to the next five minutes of relaying conversation between the IT guy and my supervisor, who was sitting there eating dinner while I tried to figure out a problem on a computer that’s NOT EVEN MINE.

I only have an hour left in my shift, but who knows what else can happen. It’s a battlefield around here and I’m apparently surrounded by land mines.


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