Sunday, Unraveling

31 Jan

Today has not been a good day. I had high hopes–I’m finally off the overnight, which is something I had practically begged my boss to do for me. But basically, I have no idea what I’m doing. Used to the efficient order of my typical overnight shift, working during the day has introduced a whole new set of challenges–blinking phone lines, new people, breaking news–all of which are leaving me a little frazzled.

My complete paranoia of feeling incompetent at work has put my ego on high alert. Maybe I’m just self-absorbed, but I feel the judgement of my coworkers boring into my half-awake brain. Obviously I don’t expect to be perfect at everything, right? Um…well…ahem…ok, maybe I do.

It’s not exactly a secret that I tend to put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself and set high expectations over things that aren’t always worth it. So the second something starts to slip, I immediately imagine myself unemployed and unemployable. Can’t answer the phone correctly? My future in journalism is over.

I think I need to get a grip. No, I know I need to get a grip. Despite the muddled mess I seem to be making of my life right now, the one thing that’s crystal clear is that I need to relax.  Come on, me–a Sunday afternoon is not going to make or break my entire career. Or is it?

The rational side of me is going to get a coffee. The irrational side will be spending the rest of the night memorizing international phone codes.  It’s a process people.


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