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My First Free Weekend

28 Feb

This weekend was the first full weekend I’ve had off in 9 MONTHS. Regardless of the fact that for the past three months, I’ve only been working two days a week, and thus, didn’t really need a weekend, I was still pretty excited to partake in the traditional weekend eagerness come Friday afternoon.

However, it wasn’t all TGIF. I ended up working late, and spent Friday evening watching Gold Rush on AMC and eating cold pizza with my parents. And my zest for free time is so far lacking, mostly because I really love my job! Plus, last week was my first week, and while I super busy, I wasn’t longing for two days of relaxation. Does that make me weird? Maybe I’m just so starved for a life that includes more than re-runs and pajama bottoms that I was willing to forgo this most rudimentary working tenet: weekends off!

But sadly, the first weekend wasn’t spent staying up until 4 am bar-hopping and sleeping until noon. Instead, I went to bed at 11, cleaned my room and did laundry, spent Saturday night babysitting my cousin, and made a mixed CD of Russian composers for my mom. I think people living in nursing homes had a more eventful time than me!

Listen, I’m a tad rusty. I’ve spent the last nine months trapped in weekend work mode and have sadly lost the social skills needed for weekend debauchery, which in my case, entails dinner out and Minute to Win It games. Looks like I have a lot of “work” to do to get myself back in weekend-fighting form!

My Chubby Brain

25 Feb

Whew! What. A. Week. I finally started my new job and it has been a whirlwind couple of days! My new co-workers wasted no time thrusting me into the day-to-day craziness, and I’ve been running around the office, willing the clock to slow down so I can get it all done! Hey, this is what I’ve been begging for since last May, and boy, have they delivered!

Basically, I’m overwhelmed. By the job, the work, the commute, all the sunlight…it’s hard to remember when I was this busy and asked to multi-task on so many levels! The benefit is that I interned here before, so I knew what to expect going in, but my sluggish brain is taking some time to adjust.

Yes, my brain has gained a few pounds of unimportant drivel in the months since I’ve graduated and worked jobs that asked little of me. At the end of my last job, I was getting frazzled when more than one phone would ring, which is when my brain was at its most obese. All the TV watching, silly internet searching, and general idleness packed the pounds onto my nogin.

But now, it’s like my brain is going on a crash diet, and it’s leaving me exhausted! Every night this week I’ve collapsed into bed at 10 pm, completely drained, my mind whirring from the day, a new to-do list forming already. I need to get this thing back into its former shape! No more day-time TV, no more Perez Hilton, no more Facebook! Honestly, I’ve been so busy that I don’t even have time for that stuff anyway. I feel lighter already!

Pretty soon, this brain is going to have a rippled frontal lobe and a perfectly toned cerebellum. And I didn’t even have to do one sit-up! If only that worked for the rest of me…

The Final Countdown…Part FOREVER

21 Feb

Last week, I counted down the final hours of my shift, watched the clock tick to midnight and skipped back to the Port Authority for that last tortuous bus ride. I had my new job to look forward to, a job that came so easily and out of the blue, I was pretty shocked. If you recall, the conversation that led me to get this job went something like this:

New Boss: Hi! When do you think you can start working for us?

Me: Huminah, huminah….omg YAY! Tomorrow?

But in reality, when is anything that easy? A month later, I’m still itching for that new job and dealing with one dead-ended conversation after the next, most of them going something like this:

Old Boss: skldjflksjdflkjselkjglkjhlkdj;aldlfkjal;fkgj lskjglkjlfkajsd;lkfjlskdjf. So see, that’s why you can’t start until next week.

But last week, a month of deliberations, two-day work weeks, no paychecks, and 968 hours worth of SNL skits later, I was told I would be starting my job this Monday. So why am I sitting on my couch in my pajamas right now? O, here’s the answer for you: I suddenly became important to my old boss–so important that she pushed my start date back again so I could train a new employee she had a month to hire! Why is it that you suddenly become valuable when you have no interest in selling yourself anymore? I just want to move on, and the one person that’s holding me back is the one in charge of pushing me forward!

Bottom line: I am so sick of the boredom! The pajamas! The mid-morning TV lineup! Perhaps I’ll be eating my words, but I JUST WANT TO WORK!

My Last Night at Work

13 Feb

Before you read the rest of this post, click here, and hit play. Trust me…it’s all part of the blog experience.

Ok, so now that you’re into it, hopefully you’re getting to the chorus. I really love this song, even though those are the only lyrics I know. The chorus works in a variety of situations: charting the last seconds on the microwave, the moments before the next Glee episode, and of course, the last few hours of my shift tonight! In just six hours, eleven minutes and thirteen seconds, I will be closing yet another door on yet another job that didn’t quite work out.

Overall, this was a better experience than my last job, and no tears were shed! But I can’t say I particularly enjoyed myself: the hours were absolutely horrible and for two out of the three months I worked here, I worked two days a week. Thankfully, it was much more temporary than I had anticipated, which is a pleasant and unexpected surprise!

So I’ll be spending my final shift doing what I did on my first shift–staring at a wall and reading about 1,000 New York Times articles. But without this job, I wouldn’t have gotten my next job, so all those hours led to more than just sleep deprivation and a coffee addiction.

My biggest hope is that my new job becomes a steady, long-term position. I’m tired of worrying about my career and where/when/how I’m going to get there. This is the biggest and most positive step towards it I’ve been able to take, and I’m really excited! And I’m already on job three of the average seven people have in their lifetimes, so I better slow down this progression before I use up all my opportunities by 23!

Back from Barcelona, and Some Big News

13 Feb

I’m back! And broke! But Barcelona was awesome–it’s a beautiful city, the weather was warm and sunny, and I ate a lot of bread. While travelling alone was challenging and rather lonely at times, I packed in everything I wanted to do and met some nice people who were studying abroad. I was jealous.

On a walking tour on my last day, the guide asked how we all were doing, and naturally, people mumbled into their scarves. Trying to amp us up, he asked “Are any of you going to work tomorrow?” which roused a passionate “Hell no!” from all but one person in the group….me! Yup, straight off a nine hour flight and a six hour time difference, I was back at work. But unlike other weekends, this one is special–IT’S MY LAST!!

That’s right: I GOT A PROMOTION! Starting next week, I’ll be working where I used to intern, which means:

  • I’ll actually be making more than $150 a week!
  • I’ll actually be working!
  • I’ll actually attempt to have a social life!

Nine months after the elevator doors shut on my new life dream, they’re opening back up.  The whole thing happened really quickly–I had a meeting, expecting a five-minute “What are you up to, call me in three months” exchange and walked out with a new job, and weekends off!

Needless to say, the whole thing was a bit surreal, and I reacted by spending a month’s paycheck on a trip to Europe. But that will probably be my last vacation for a long time–it’s finally time for me to show my stripes and work work work! And after six months of wavering on the rim of hell and three months of intense boredom, IT’S ABOUT TIME!

Beso…I’m off!!

7 Feb

Hola, loooooovers! I’m off on my Spain adventure! I realized this is the second vacation I’ve taken in as many months, and you know what? That’s pretty AWESOME!

But of course, I feel the need to justify. Or maybe just to brag. And that goes something like this:

“I’m never working, I have some extra money, and I can’t bear to spend another minute hanging out with my dog all day, watching My Fair Wedding reruns. I need to get out of the country.” So far, no one has questioned, because I think they’re a little afraid of me.

But Spain is going to be great–I’ve spent the last two days at work poring over travel books, plotting walking tours and trying my best to learn some spanish. No hablo españolNo comprendo...Sangria, por favor. I think I’ve got all my bases covered.

Now, aside from the architecture and the paella, I’m really looking forward to seeing THE SUN! It’s supposed to be sunny and in the low 60s while I’m there, which is approximately ten billion degrees warmer than it is in New Jersey. So while I’m thawing out in Europe, conversing with Sophia Loren and meandering among the modernist architecture, more snow will be falling on the east coast. Sometimes life is just so fair.

So adios amigos! Don’t miss me too much while I’m gone, I know the last thing I’ll miss is work! But I have big news upon my return, so check back in next weekend. Beseme mucho xoxo I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Constructing Breakdowns at Work

6 Feb

Weekends at work just get better and better–first I find out I’m trapped in New York City for the weekend with a single pair of leggings and inappropriate shoes, and then I get to work to find they’ve hired construction workers to remodel the second floor–ALL. DAY. LONG.

This has made everyone at work kind of cranky. Or crankier, I should say. Now, in-between the bouts of furious jackhammering are bouts of furious-er outbursts from my coworkers:

“I can’t FOCUS!”


“We’re working in HELLLLLLL.”

Naturally, this is the most practical time for them to hire construction workers to obliterate the conference room and construct cubicles for people the company isn’t hiring. Not too many people are working and nothing is really going on, so this is the ideal time to drive the fewest people up the wall. And hey,  if they’re not going to give us overtime, they might as well give it to someone wielding a hack saw.