Not Working Makes Me Impulsive

2 Feb

Another winter storm, another day trapped inside, another schedule put out where I’m only working two days. This morning, I reached the limit on my boredom and made a totally impulsive decision:


Yeaaaa. I’m crazy.

But here’s the thing: I can either sit on my sofa and not spend money, or travel to Europe and make the most of this free time. And currently, I have an obsession with traveling Europe and spending money, so it pretty much works out. Of course, I could’ve gone to the Catskills, or even Florida, but go big or go home is my motto now, apparently…

Obviously, I’m not going to be working two days a week for the rest of my life–contrary to my schedule, people in my profession actually do, uh, work.  Someday I’m sure it will be a struggle to find two days to even take off! In the mean time, I might as well have some fun!

So for now, I’m throwing caution to the wind and taking a bit of a leap! Isn’t this what young people do? Irresponsibly spend money, backpack through Europe, and then talk about that “crazy time” in their life? Well let’s hope so! And who cares!


Hey, at least I have the shoes for my trip!


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