A Pant-uation

5 Feb

New York is a really great city. But it’s not so great when you’re unprepared to stay for the next three days. With one pair of leggings and no hairbrush.

Let me explain–last night,  I went out for dinner with my friends and then out for a birthday party. It was the first time I had been outside in three days, out of pajamas for god-knows-how much longer, and out on the town in weeks. I had a great time and stayed over my friend’s house before getting brunch and then heading into work for my 4-12 shift, where I am now.

I assumed I’d be able to take a 12:30 am bus back to my car in New Jersey tonight, get some sleep, change into better shoes and warmer clothes and be back here again for my Sunday shift. But New Jersey Transit, in their seemingly never-ending campaign to make my life a living hell, cancelled their 12:30 bus service. So now I’m stuck here until Monday morning.

This was obviously something I didn’t plan on, otherwise I would’ve brought more than ONE PAIR OF PANTS. I wore the pants last night, I’m wearing them today, and will continue to wear them to work, to bed, to meals, back to work, back to bed, and then finally home.

Plus, it’s raining out today and my ONE PAIR of shoes and socks is now sopping wet. I also lost my hairbrush, ran out of mouthwash, don’t have my phone charger and am basically a HOT MESS. O yea, and I’m going to Barcelona on Monday and have a boat-load of stuff to do.


I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be kind of awkward.


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