Constructing Breakdowns at Work

6 Feb

Weekends at work just get better and better–first I find out I’m trapped in New York City for the weekend with a single pair of leggings and inappropriate shoes, and then I get to work to find they’ve hired construction workers to remodel the second floor–ALL. DAY. LONG.

This has made everyone at work kind of cranky. Or crankier, I should say. Now, in-between the bouts of furious jackhammering are bouts of furious-er outbursts from my coworkers:

“I can’t FOCUS!”


“We’re working in HELLLLLLL.”

Naturally, this is the most practical time for them to hire construction workers to obliterate the conference room and construct cubicles for people the company isn’t hiring. Not too many people are working and nothing is really going on, so this is the ideal time to drive the fewest people up the wall. And hey,  if they’re not going to give us overtime, they might as well give it to someone wielding a hack saw.


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