Back from Barcelona, and Some Big News

13 Feb

I’m back! And broke! But Barcelona was awesome–it’s a beautiful city, the weather was warm and sunny, and I ate a lot of bread. While travelling alone was challenging and rather lonely at times, I packed in everything I wanted to do and met some nice people who were studying abroad. I was jealous.

On a walking tour on my last day, the guide asked how we all were doing, and naturally, people mumbled into their scarves. Trying to amp us up, he asked “Are any of you going to work tomorrow?” which roused a passionate “Hell no!” from all but one person in the group….me! Yup, straight off a nine hour flight and a six hour time difference, I was back at work. But unlike other weekends, this one is special–IT’S MY LAST!!

That’s right: I GOT A PROMOTION! Starting next week, I’ll be working where I used to intern, which means:

  • I’ll actually be making more than $150 a week!
  • I’ll actually be working!
  • I’ll actually attempt to have a social life!

Nine months after the elevator doors shut on my new life dream, they’re opening back up.  The whole thing happened really quickly–I had a meeting, expecting a five-minute “What are you up to, call me in three months” exchange and walked out with a new job, and weekends off!

Needless to say, the whole thing was a bit surreal, and I reacted by spending a month’s paycheck on a trip to Europe. But that will probably be my last vacation for a long time–it’s finally time for me to show my stripes and work work work! And after six months of wavering on the rim of hell and three months of intense boredom, IT’S ABOUT TIME!


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