My Last Night at Work

13 Feb

Before you read the rest of this post, click here, and hit play. Trust me…it’s all part of the blog experience.

Ok, so now that you’re into it, hopefully you’re getting to the chorus. I really love this song, even though those are the only lyrics I know. The chorus works in a variety of situations: charting the last seconds on the microwave, the moments before the next Glee episode, and of course, the last few hours of my shift tonight! In just six hours, eleven minutes and thirteen seconds, I will be closing yet another door on yet another job that didn’t quite work out.

Overall, this was a better experience than my last job, and no tears were shed! But I can’t say I particularly enjoyed myself: the hours were absolutely horrible and for two out of the three months I worked here, I worked two days a week. Thankfully, it was much more temporary than I had anticipated, which is a pleasant and unexpected surprise!

So I’ll be spending my final shift doing what I did on my first shift–staring at a wall and reading about 1,000 New York Times articles. But without this job, I wouldn’t have gotten my next job, so all those hours led to more than just sleep deprivation and a coffee addiction.

My biggest hope is that my new job becomes a steady, long-term position. I’m tired of worrying about my career and where/when/how I’m going to get there. This is the biggest and most positive step towards it I’ve been able to take, and I’m really excited! And I’m already on job three of the average seven people have in their lifetimes, so I better slow down this progression before I use up all my opportunities by 23!


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