The Final Countdown…Part FOREVER

21 Feb

Last week, I counted down the final hours of my shift, watched the clock tick to midnight and skipped back to the Port Authority for that last tortuous bus ride. I had my new job to look forward to, a job that came so easily and out of the blue, I was pretty shocked. If you recall, the conversation that led me to get this job went something like this:

New Boss: Hi! When do you think you can start working for us?

Me: Huminah, huminah….omg YAY! Tomorrow?

But in reality, when is anything that easy? A month later, I’m still itching for that new job and dealing with one dead-ended conversation after the next, most of them going something like this:

Old Boss: skldjflksjdflkjselkjglkjhlkdj;aldlfkjal;fkgj lskjglkjlfkajsd;lkfjlskdjf. So see, that’s why you can’t start until next week.

But last week, a month of deliberations, two-day work weeks, no paychecks, and 968 hours worth of SNL skits later, I was told I would be starting my job this Monday. So why am I sitting on my couch in my pajamas right now? O, here’s the answer for you: I suddenly became important to my old boss–so important that she pushed my start date back again so I could train a new employee she had a month to hire! Why is it that you suddenly become valuable when you have no interest in selling yourself anymore? I just want to move on, and the one person that’s holding me back is the one in charge of pushing me forward!

Bottom line: I am so sick of the boredom! The pajamas! The mid-morning TV lineup! Perhaps I’ll be eating my words, but I JUST WANT TO WORK!


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