My First Free Weekend

28 Feb

This weekend was the first full weekend I’ve had off in 9 MONTHS. Regardless of the fact that for the past three months, I’ve only been working two days a week, and thus, didn’t really need a weekend, I was still pretty excited to partake in the traditional weekend eagerness come Friday afternoon.

However, it wasn’t all TGIF. I ended up working late, and spent Friday evening watching Gold Rush on AMC and eating cold pizza with my parents. And my zest for free time is so far lacking, mostly because I really love my job! Plus, last week was my first week, and while I super busy, I wasn’t longing for two days of relaxation. Does that make me weird? Maybe I’m just so starved for a life that includes more than re-runs and pajama bottoms that I was willing to forgo this most rudimentary working tenet: weekends off!

But sadly, the first weekend wasn’t spent staying up until 4 am bar-hopping and sleeping until noon. Instead, I went to bed at 11, cleaned my room and did laundry, spent Saturday night babysitting my cousin, and made a mixed CD of Russian composers for my mom. I think people living in nursing homes had a more eventful time than me!

Listen, I’m a tad rusty. I’ve spent the last nine months trapped in weekend work mode and have sadly lost the social skills needed for weekend debauchery, which in my case, entails dinner out and Minute to Win It games. Looks like I have a lot of “work” to do to get myself back in weekend-fighting form!


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