A True Promotion

16 Mar

The past few weeks have been so crazy and I’ve been so preoccupied with commuting and apartment hunting and life that I’ve forgotten to share one of the best parts of my new job: MY CUBICLE!

Yes, talk about a promotion! First, it was a table top, then someone else’s desk that I borrowed overnight, and now I have my very own 4×4 cubicle to call my own! Despite the fact that I barely had a second to think last week, I still managed to scrounge up some photos to tack to the foam-core and spruce the place up! Right now, I have a lighthouse calendar (it was either that or “Houses of Faith.” Thought I’d keep it secular), some Barcelona postcards, and a New Yorker magazine cover. So very corporate! I still have to get an official pen mug, but I have so much desk space, I barely even need it!

But the pinnacle of my cubicle experience occurred last Friday. After an incredibly intense week, I walked into work to find that an official typed name tag had been slid into the plastic holder outside my space. It was like everything I had prayed for and cried over and dreamed about was suddenly justified in just a three-inch piece of poster board! If only I could remember these small joys as I’m breaking down in hysterical tears over another 10 mile traffic back up and cursing life! Well first the cubicle, and then life-control.


2 Responses to “A True Promotion”

  1. Laura March 16, 2011 at 6:01 pm #

    Get cubicle in DC… that’s sooo much better. And you know Rent is cheaper in DC versus NY… wow… never thought I’d say DC rent was cheaper than somewhere else.


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    […] to my job now. And what memories we shared! The tears of joy I shed over seeing my little cardboard name placard, the famous peppermint pavilion….ok, so not too many memories. Listen…I still should have won […]

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