Things That Also Take Two and a Half Hours

22 Mar

I’ve been working at my new job for almost a month, and have thus far been unsuccessful is getting in and out of the city in less than 2 1/2 hours. There was that one solitary day when I was home in an easy one hour, 52 minutes and 47 seconds (who’s counting??), but that was because I stayed at work until almost 10 pm, and only had to sit at seven traffic lights instead of the typical 14.

This got me thinking about other things that are NOT a daily, one way commute that would also take up that kind of time:

  • Driving from New York to Philadelphia
  • Watching any of the Oscar nominated movies from this year
  • Running a marathon (if I was a professional athlete)
  • Running half of a marathon (if I decided to run one)
  • Seeing a Broadway show
  • Cooking a gourmet, three-course meal
  • Going out for a gourmet, three-course meal
  • Riding the subway from the Bronx to the bottom of Manhattan and back
  • Taking an advanced seminar class at a university
  • Driving across Rhode Island 4 times
  • Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge up to Columbus Circle
  • Flying from New York to Paris on a supersonic jet
  • Facebook stalking

Wow. Of course, maybe on a daily basis I wouldn’t be flying to Paris on a supersonic jet, but the fact that it takes THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME AS IT DOES FOR ME TO GET TO WORK IN THE MORNING is a bit mind-boggling.


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