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Beyond Believability–An Epic

8 Mar

There are some days that just defy your wildest dreams from what would make a bad day. Yesterday was one of the WORST MORNINGS OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. I had to wait an entire day to even write about it because it was so traumatizing.

Where do I even start–or finish–this sordid tale? Let’s start with the hair. All bad days seem to start with bad hair. I woke up yesterday and realized that I had once again neglected to brush my hair out before I went to bed, and a peek in the mirror exposed a horrific sight–my face, surrounded by a rat’s nest of frizzy, untamable horror. But this was manageable. A little tuck here, a giant headband there, and I was semi-presentable. Next.

My car sits outside, and after nine-billion inches of rain and 50-degree weather over the weekend, the temperature dropped below freezing, leaving my car encased in an inch of ice. Then for good measure, another inch of icy snow had accumulated overnight.  Fabulous. More time spent scraping off my car, covering myself in snow, all to carve out a small circle of window to be able to see through. Maybe a little less manageable than the hair, but next.

The traffic. Here is when things started to break down. Every day has started or ended with  an epic commute, but yesterday takes the cake. Because of the rain, there was a puddle somewhere on the highway. Instead of shutting one lane down, THEY CLOSED THE ENTIRE HIGHWAY. Which then turned said highway into a parking lot of people trying to take back roads to get around. An hour later, I was still nowhere near the bus, and even farther from work . I was in tears. I was lost. It couldn’t get any worse.

And then, it did.

A brief aside: As an aspiring writer, I sometimes come up with ideas or good lines to store for later. But in my most creative state, I would never, ever, EVER think up of what happened next.

The window on my car broke. Not in a shattering “this is a sign the end is near” way, but in a “window just dropped for no reason because God is laughing at you right now” way. I COULD NOT MAKE THIS UP. My window literally came off whatever track it’s on, and could not–and cannot–be rolled back up. So I spent the rest of the ride with a frozen wind whipping at my face. And then I missed the bus. And then I sat in more traffic. And then the sole of my boot came unglued and I almost fell flat on my face as I was sprinting to work. And then I decided that I should have NEVER WOKEN UP ON MONDAY.

I’m looking for apartments. Hopefully there’s one within approximately 6 inches of my workplace. That’s priority number 1. Then I will find the tallest cliff in the entire world, drive my car to the top, and push it straight off until it is a mangled mess of metal.

O, wait, it already is.



7 Mar

Yikes, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this thing! Bear with me…work has been out of control busy! But nothing is more fulfilling that falling into bed at the end of a 13 hour day with the knowledge that I actually accomplished something greater than reading the entire Style section in an afternoon! There is just something about this job that puts me into high-drive mode–somehow, I manage to get everything done, half the time amazed that I even know what/how I’m doing it. I just feel made to do this. Perhaps it’s my zeal for hyper-organization, my desire to pack way more into a day than is possible, and my controlling tendencies that fit perfectly with my job title. Despite the fact that I am physically and mentally exhausted at the end of the day: I ASKED FOR THIS. And boy are they giving it! And giving a little more.

But this job is completely within the nature of this past year: total extremes. I went from being a confident, independent person before graduation to a paranoid, sniveling baby less than two days later. I’ve cried with joy only to find myself weeping with such post-grad angst I could’ve been the inspiration for every emo album ever made . I’ve gone from staring at the wall for an uninterrupted eight hours to working until 10 pm on a Friday night just to get everything done. Is this what life after graduation entails–a total see-saw of actions and emotions? Why wasn’t I warned that I would need a prescription for Valium and Prozac, to be taken at once? That should be part of the graduation checklist!

The Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Thought

1 Mar

On my first day of work, New Jersey Transit Bus 193 actually got into New York City on time. Despite the fact we were at the tail end of rush hour and I actually needed to be somewhere, the bus whizzed past cars and other trucks in A BUS LANE. Yes, in the mornings, there is a separate lane for buses.  In my joyous delirium, a thought popped up in my head:

“Wow,” thought I. “This bus lane is really great. Maybe commuting everyday at peak times won’t be so bad after all.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the dumbest thought that has ever entered into my brain. Trust me, I think about a lot of dumb things, so for this thought to have such a classification means something! Since that one pain-free commute, I’ve sat in traffic leaving the city at 6:30, 7:00 and 8:30 pm, had to take a train into the city after a four car pileup shut the Lincoln Tunnel down, followed a dump truck 12 miles down a deserted road at the end of an 11 hour day,  ran for the bus after leaving more than an hour in advance, sat in traffic due to accidents on rainy and non-rainy days, and haven’t made it to work or home in less than two and a half hours.

I just started work six days ago.

Commuting totally sucks. Of course, this is not a new sentiment from me, but for one shining moment, I saw myself actually being able to handle the daily commute without facing a complete emotional breakdown. Now…I’m not so sure. I finally feel happy when it comes to my working situation, so would it be that hard to give me an easier commute? With the entire tri-state area transit system rallying against me, it will never be that easy.