A Morning Mess

11 Apr

I am not a morning person. Maybe I should rephrase that–I’m not a “getting up in the morning” person. The moment my alarm goes off, my bed immediately becomes five billion times more comfortable than it was just seconds before.

The problem is that I actually need to get up and go to work every day, and the amount of time I shave off of my morning routine to loll around in bed is becoming somewhat problematic. I plan on leaving myself a good 40 minutes to get ready, but lately, I’m just rolling out of bed 15 minutes before I’m supposed to be rolling out of my driveway. This typically causes me to rush around the house, simultaneously brushing my teeth, applying mascara, pouring my coffee and picking out pants. Which means I spend a lot of time walking around my house pant-less.

Obviously, something needs to change. Yea, I need to get up earlier, I know. But this has been a lifelong problem–I was dragged out of bed on a daily basis with empty threats from my mother,  perpetually late to morning classes in college, and while I’ve at least managed to curb my tardiness when it comes to work, I’ve yet to allow myself the luxury of actually running a brush through my hair before I run out the door. And what’s the point anyway? My hair is beyond any hope.

Most of the time, I leave my house feeling like a scatterbrained mess. Then I spend the rest of my day hoping people at work don’t think I look like a scatterbrained mess. Why can’t I bring my obsessive and perfectionist tendencies to my morning routine in the way I bring them to every other aspect of my life? Maybe I need a louder alarm…or a less comfortable bed!


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