I Was Born Today

18 Apr

Today is my 23 birthday! Before anyone asks, yes, I do feel older this year! My bones ache, my mind is going…no, I don’t feel older in that way, but in more of a “Wow, this year was super intense” way.

22 was a really crazy year. I’m avoiding the word “bad” and opting for “challenging” instead–between graduating college, getting five million jobs, crying five million more tears, and generally handling myself poorly, 22 will not be the year I look back on and say “Yea, I really had my $@#% together.”

But today is the start of a whole new year and I feel great about it already! I have a job I love, with some job security attached (at least for the time being!). I’ve put my apartment dreams on the back burner and am focusing on being more positive with my situation right now. And I am slowly, SLOWLY coming to terms with my horrible, horrendous, gut-wrenching commute. As I said, slowly.

I’m keeping it simple for 23: I want to be happier, patienter, and confident-er. I want to act like an adult. I want to actually be an adult. But right now, I really just want a cupcake! And I feel no shame in that!


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