26 Apr

Awkward alert, but for once not on my part!

Surprisingly, being the technophobe that I am, I have yet to accidentally broadcast my phone conversations on the overhead PA system at work…but someone else did yesterday! The office phones apparently have a button that puts the phone on speaker, which then also transmits the conversation across the two floors our department spans. Usually, this feature is used to the effect of “We need an intern on 10!” But after a crackle of the air waves, everyone got to listen in as this woman conversed with someone who definitely didn’t work here–we heard about what she was eating for lunch, what she wasn’t doing at work, the doctor’s appointment she went to before work, and various details of her weekend escapades.  Thank God it was nothing more than brunch on the Upper West Side–as it was, my coworker and I were cringing at the awkwardness of it all and silently begging that this woman would realize her faux pas!

Five minutes later, amid gossipy whispers and stifled giggles, someone finally had the bright idea to send out a mass email to the department, along the lines of “Turn off your speakerphone because we can hear you thankgodthatwasntme.” And thankfully she did, before things got anymore scandalous…because we all knew it was headed in that direction!

But for the rest of the day, we got a good laugh out of it. Whenever my colleague and I had something to tell each other, something that perhaps should be held in confidence or not shared at all, we went for the obvious punchline: “O, let me just give you a call.”


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