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27 May


Where to even begin? Where to even end? My head is swirling, my feet are aching, and I am officially counting down the seconds to the holiday weekend. This week, I neglected everything: sleep, square meals, social conversation and this blog, because work threw me for a loop and just kept looping, making me totally MIA in pretty much every aspect of my life.

I came in on Monday refreshed from a good weekend, hoping work would pick up a bit, only to be assigned to three separate projects, all with intense and urgent demands. I worked three 12 hour days, thinking everything was squared away, and then I worked a 14 hour day. I spent my bus rides thinking about the next day’s to-do list while trying to unwind from the day before! I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO BUSY IN MY LIFE.

But this is when I really love my job! The craziness puts me into high-drive mode, which is where I thrive. I pound out work, I focus in, and an orb of total confidence surrounds me. I know I can get it all done, and somehow, someway, I do. Of course, with my total focus on work, I haven’t spoken to my parents in four days, have gotten very little sleep, and have an email inbox filled to bursting. I’m still working on that life-work balance, which is practically impossible with the job I have!

And now the payoff: a luxurious three-day weekend, the first national holiday I DON’T have to work on since I started working last year! TGIFALW (and long weekend!)!!!

The Next Wave

18 May

Last week, I wrote about how I was one year out from my college graduation, and today, all my friends took the plunge! So congratulations to all my wonderful friends, who made it through college, donned those hideous robes and are now poised to take that first marvelous step into the real world, in all its shining and sparking glory!

Errr, poetics aside, enjoy this day while it lasts people, because post grad life is the gift that keeps on giving. It gives, and it gives, and it gives, until you think it couldn’t possibly bestow any more drama/frustration/poverty/insanity your way, and then it gives a little more. So enjoy that $30 steak dinner your parents are treating you to, because it’ll be a while before you taste anymore of the fruits of your labor!

But to end on a positive note–Congratulations. You conquered higher education! You are a college graduate, and now you will get presents and a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Yay!

Stormy Weather

17 May

Every morning since Saturday, I’ve woken up to rumbling thunder and grey, dismal fog.  This kind of weather makes me want to curl up in a tight little ball and sleep for the next three weeks straight. And there is really no end in sight:

Sigh. Sometimes I really hate the east coast.

On top of my added fatigue, this weather makes my  normally horrible commute downright horrific. The second a droplet of water hits the pavement, people become absolutely terrified of getting into an accident. They become absolutely terrified of driving faster than 35 miles an hour on the highway. They become absolutely terrified of changing lanes on the highway so people can pass them and their idiotic hang-ups over WEATHER.

Personally, I become absolutely terrified that I’m going to get out of my car at the 10th red light I’m stuck at because people apparently don’t realize that their gas pedal works equally as well in the rain as it does on a sunny day, and strangle someone with my bare hands.

Thank god for my ipod and its soothing rainforest stress-relieving sounds, and my shaky–but still active–moral compass, otherwise I’d be writing this blog from jail.

Sun, please come back.

Business Lunch

16 May

Power suits on people!

Last week was my very first business lunch, and I suited up, put on my best business face, and ordered the most expensive thing on the menu! Thank goodness for my colleague’s expense account!

I’ve eaten lunch with coworkers before, but this was in an actual restaurant and our guest was an author we were interested in getting to work with us on an upcoming project, so the stakes (steaks?) were higher than the normal luncheon chit-chat.

My coworker and I were supposed to meet our guest at 1, but she decided last minute she had other things to do at the office and sent me to the sharks alone to meet our lunchtime companion and make small talk before she showed up. Now, I have no problem making conversation with someone, but I was a little intimidated. Here I am, an entry level employee, trying to keep the interest of a published author three times my age, which simultaneously trying to decide between the chopped salad and a cheese platter! But things went decidedly well–we talked about her son, I explained why we were interested in working with her, and then we sipped water awkwardly and checked our phones.

But finally, my coworker decided to make her appearance, and we ordered lunch and chatted away. I did end up going for the chopped salad, and relished in its over-priced free-ness. Overall, it was a successful afternoon–I was able to show my stripes,  and the author is going to work with us! Plus, did I mention the free meal?

It was fun though, going out for a business lunch like a true professional. Since my past jobs had me eating stale bagels at 3 in the morning and cold take-out for dinner, this was a welcome change. Just another reason to love what I do!


11 May

One year ago today, I graduated college!

Holy $#%@.

Has it really been a year since I put on my ill-fitting graduation gown, adjusted my ill-er fitting mortar board and walked to collect my diploma, cutting my educational cord??? Wow, despite the absolute tsunami of emotions, mental breakdowns and bad hair choices, this year has actually flown by! I can’t believe that just a year ago, I was finishing final papers and now my life is this: commutes and meetings and scheduled dinners with friends and Dancing with the Stars on tivo with my parents…wow wow WOW.

Of course, college seems bittersweet now, but I can hardly characterize that time in my life as “care free.” Perhaps it was freer than my life is now, and certainly included less boxed wine at 9 pm, but the constant dread of being let loose into the world and the total uncertainty of where you’d end up kept me awake many a night. And now, I’m standing on the sidelines, finally semi-secure with my job and the life I continue to eke out for myself, as my friends are only just beginning the process. I feel like a wise old man. (And my new haircut makes me look like one!)

But I made it through the first year, and I cannot possibly imagine the next being any more emotionally tumultuous and draining than this one was. There were fun parts, and not-so-fun parts, but on the whole, I managed to make it through perhaps a little battle-weary but still standing on my two feet. And like last May, when I saw the span of my life before me, with the promise that anything was possible, that feeling has yet to wane. Except for this time around, it doesn’t feel like I’m going in blind.

I Got Another Haircut

9 May

I got a haircut on Saturday, and am now into day three of vacillating over whether I like it. My last haircut came with the typical trauma, and as always, I dreaded cutting my hair again, despite the fact it looked like hell for the better part of last week and I had taken to hiding in my cubicle with little sun exposure just to avoid human interaction.

But Saturday, I was determined wrangle my mop, so pictures in hand, I went down to the salon. Twenty minutes later, I had a haircut which really looked nothing like the photos I had shown her.  However, I was surprisingly upbeat about it. I thought it looked cute and sassy, and despite the odd wave my new bangs had taken on, I actually liked it.

And then I went home and stared at myself in the mirror some more, and I decided I looked like a 13-year-old boy. So then I applied some liquid eyeliner and put on a headband and decided I looked more like a 1960s housewife. But then I did taebo and caught a sight of my new bangs clinging to my sweaty forehead and started to regret this choice. So then I took a shower and blow dried it “just so” and decided it was different and looked pulled together. And so on and so on and SO ON.

Now it’s Monday, and not one person at work has commented on my haircut. This could mean one of two things:

  1. It looks so horrible and weird that people don’t have the heart to even say something as simple as “Ooo, you got a haircut!”
  2. ….Actually, I’ve decided it can really only mean that one thing.

Sigh. I know it’s only been a few days and the hair is still “in shock” (as countless hairdressers have advised me in the past). And just like my haircut last time, it will eventually grow out to where it looks good. But then, I will become enticed with haircuts that would never look good on me and be lured into the salon gripping a photo only to slightly convince myself it turned out sort of like that, only to be faced with the reality that IT DEFINITELY DID NOT and then cry.

Next time I say “I really need to get a haircut” someone please say “Get a TRIM or shave your head and start wearing a wig.”

Spring Fever

6 May

Ah, the weather is so fabulous today! I stayed in the city again last night, so I was able to recreate the wonderful morning I had a few weeks ago…Ella Fitzgerald and all. The blue sky, perfect temperature and blooming flowers are such a welcome sight after months of dreary weather, and this morning’s walk made for a perfect start to the end of yet another hectic week!

Work has been totally insane the last few weeks, but I’m having a hard time focusing when the delightful scent of spring is in the air. I try to get outside for at least a half hour on my lunch break, but lately, that half hour has stretched into longer swaths of time spent basking in the rays of the great outdoors. This is when I really miss my pre-working life and the study breaks out on a lawn, the evening jog around the park….sigh. So much fresh air.

This weather has certainly cleared my head and lightened my mood. Despite rushing around work like a chicken with its head cut off and collapsing completely exhausted into bed at night, my time outside has become a midday palate cleanser. I have a little time to enjoy the weather and clear my head. And now that winter is finally over, the fear of slipping on a patch of ice and ruining my carefully selected outfit has been reduced significantly.

If only I could move my computer to the lawn at Central Park, then I’d really get to work….on a killer summer tan!