Oops, I Did It Again

3 May

You may recall just a few months ago, my excruciating embarrassment over a spelling error in a mass email I sent out, where I spelled “assistant” wrong. You would think after the shame I felt over such a blatant faux pas, I would be extra careful to spell check each and every email I sent out, especially when sending to a large group of people. But of course, you would be wrong. So, so, soooooo wrong.

In the past week, perhaps because of the busyness at work and the dearth of emails demanding responses, I’ve become a little lax in my self-sensory and spell check abilities. I sent my coworker an email where I mixed up the usage of the word “here.” This is what I wrote:

“I’ll be hear early tomorrow. We can meet then.”


Of course, it gets worse. So much more shudderingly-crawling-under-the-desk-face-turning-bright-red worse. I sent an email out to the ENTIRE DEPARTMENT which included my boss, her boss, and his boss, among many others, and after reading it through several times, running spell-check and then reading it once more, sent it out. AT THAT MOMENT, I realized I had spelled “various” as “vaious.”

There are no words. Even telling this sordid tale again makes me cringe. It seems like I will never learn.

I’ll be in the corner, hanging my head in shame.


One Response to “Oops, I Did It Again”


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