I Got Another Haircut

9 May

I got a haircut on Saturday, and am now into day three of vacillating over whether I like it. My last haircut came with the typical trauma, and as always, I dreaded cutting my hair again, despite the fact it looked like hell for the better part of last week and I had taken to hiding in my cubicle with little sun exposure just to avoid human interaction.

But Saturday, I was determined wrangle my mop, so pictures in hand, I went down to the salon. Twenty minutes later, I had a haircut which really looked nothing like the photos I had shown her.  However, I was surprisingly upbeat about it. I thought it looked cute and sassy, and despite the odd wave my new bangs had taken on, I actually liked it.

And then I went home and stared at myself in the mirror some more, and I decided I looked like a 13-year-old boy. So then I applied some liquid eyeliner and put on a headband and decided I looked more like a 1960s housewife. But then I did taebo and caught a sight of my new bangs clinging to my sweaty forehead and started to regret this choice. So then I took a shower and blow dried it “just so” and decided it was different and looked pulled together. And so on and so on and SO ON.

Now it’s Monday, and not one person at work has commented on my haircut. This could mean one of two things:

  1. It looks so horrible and weird that people don’t have the heart to even say something as simple as “Ooo, you got a haircut!”
  2. ….Actually, I’ve decided it can really only mean that one thing.

Sigh. I know it’s only been a few days and the hair is still “in shock” (as countless hairdressers have advised me in the past). And just like my haircut last time, it will eventually grow out to where it looks good. But then, I will become enticed with haircuts that would never look good on me and be lured into the salon gripping a photo only to slightly convince myself it turned out sort of like that, only to be faced with the reality that IT DEFINITELY DID NOT and then cry.

Next time I say “I really need to get a haircut” someone please say “Get a TRIM or shave your head and start wearing a wig.”

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