11 May

One year ago today, I graduated college!

Holy $#%@.

Has it really been a year since I put on my ill-fitting graduation gown, adjusted my ill-er fitting mortar board and walked to collect my diploma, cutting my educational cord??? Wow, despite the absolute tsunami of emotions, mental breakdowns and bad hair choices, this year has actually flown by! I can’t believe that just a year ago, I was finishing final papers and now my life is this: commutes and meetings and scheduled dinners with friends and Dancing with the Stars on tivo with my parents…wow wow WOW.

Of course, college seems bittersweet now, but I can hardly characterize that time in my life as “care free.” Perhaps it was freer than my life is now, and certainly included less boxed wine at 9 pm, but the constant dread of being let loose into the world and the total uncertainty of where you’d end up kept me awake many a night. And now, I’m standing on the sidelines, finally semi-secure with my job and the life I continue to eke out for myself, as my friends are only just beginning the process. I feel like a wise old man. (And my new haircut makes me look like one!)

But I made it through the first year, and I cannot possibly imagine the next being any more emotionally tumultuous and draining than this one was. There were fun parts, and not-so-fun parts, but on the whole, I managed to make it through perhaps a little battle-weary but still standing on my two feet. And like last May, when I saw the span of my life before me, with the promise that anything was possible, that feeling has yet to wane. Except for this time around, it doesn’t feel like I’m going in blind.


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