Business Lunch

16 May

Power suits on people!

Last week was my very first business lunch, and I suited up, put on my best business face, and ordered the most expensive thing on the menu! Thank goodness for my colleague’s expense account!

I’ve eaten lunch with coworkers before, but this was in an actual restaurant and our guest was an author we were interested in getting to work with us on an upcoming project, so the stakes (steaks?) were higher than the normal luncheon chit-chat.

My coworker and I were supposed to meet our guest at 1, but she decided last minute she had other things to do at the office and sent me to the sharks alone to meet our lunchtime companion and make small talk before she showed up. Now, I have no problem making conversation with someone, but I was a little intimidated. Here I am, an entry level employee, trying to keep the interest of a published author three times my age, which simultaneously trying to decide between the chopped salad and a cheese platter! But things went decidedly well–we talked about her son, I explained why we were interested in working with her, and then we sipped water awkwardly and checked our phones.

But finally, my coworker decided to make her appearance, and we ordered lunch and chatted away. I did end up going for the chopped salad, and relished in its over-priced free-ness. Overall, it was a successful afternoon–I was able to show my stripes,  and the author is going to work with us! Plus, did I mention the free meal?

It was fun though, going out for a business lunch like a true professional. Since my past jobs had me eating stale bagels at 3 in the morning and cold take-out for dinner, this was a welcome change. Just another reason to love what I do!


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