Stormy Weather

17 May

Every morning since Saturday, I’ve woken up to rumbling thunder and grey, dismal fog.  This kind of weather makes me want to curl up in a tight little ball and sleep for the next three weeks straight. And there is really no end in sight:

Sigh. Sometimes I really hate the east coast.

On top of my added fatigue, this weather makes my  normally horrible commute downright horrific. The second a droplet of water hits the pavement, people become absolutely terrified of getting into an accident. They become absolutely terrified of driving faster than 35 miles an hour on the highway. They become absolutely terrified of changing lanes on the highway so people can pass them and their idiotic hang-ups over WEATHER.

Personally, I become absolutely terrified that I’m going to get out of my car at the 10th red light I’m stuck at because people apparently don’t realize that their gas pedal works equally as well in the rain as it does on a sunny day, and strangle someone with my bare hands.

Thank god for my ipod and its soothing rainforest stress-relieving sounds, and my shaky–but still active–moral compass, otherwise I’d be writing this blog from jail.

Sun, please come back.


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