The Calm After the Storm

1 Jun

Ok, I’m rested. Back to the grind?

Last week was super intense. I was operating at a high-octane pace all week, only to slam into the weekend and promptly sleep for fourteen hours straight. But the weekend was much-needed and very relaxing. A few days in the Catskills erased the stress and marathon pace of the previous week, and several hamburgers and ice cream sandwiches later, I was well rested and ready to start fresh.

But now it’s Wednesday, and the week is creeping along. With only a few odds and ends to wrap up before my slate is once again wiped clean, the pace has slowed to a dribble of the rushing tide it once was. And sure, it’s nice to be able to eat my lunch sitting down, and leave work while the sun is still shining, but the high from last week is tapering off, leaving me once again hunting for things to occupy my time with. Even my beloved New York Times isn’t doing it for me anymore!

I just wish the let down from these mega-weeks was a bit less abrupt…or the build up more gradual. But like everything else this year, it’s all about balance, which I have a difficult time measuring. I’m also realizing I just don’t know how to be relaxed. I’m constantly pushing towards the next thing–the next job, the next apartment hunt, the next stage in my ever volatile existence. Can’t I just enjoy a week of idleness for what it is, without wanting to fill it up and stress myself out? Can’t I just enjoy some empty time as a sign that for once things are settled?

While I’m figuring that all out, I can relish in the certainty that another wave of a crazy work week will roll up soon enough…if only I’m patient enough to see it coming!


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