Summer Daze

8 Jul

The summer doldrums have hit the office! The mood has taken a turn for the lethargic–despite the occasional frenetic workday, most people have shifted into summer mode. People are waltzing in late, heading out early, and so many people are on vacation this week that when I came into the office this morning, the lights on our floor were still out!

A few of my working friends have been enjoying their summer Fridays, where they get to leave work at 4. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really seem to be the policy here! But things are so different from last summer, that it’s nice to be grateful for more than just air conditioning and eating dinner before 10:00 at night!

This is of course the second summer that I’ve had a full-time job, but unlike last year, where I rotted way at a computer station for an unending 8 hours a day, this summer has a decidedly different feel. Aside from weekends off (a perk you won’t understand unless you’ve worked EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND FOR 8 MONTHS STRAIGHT!) there’s been less panic, more socializing, and the occasional afternoon ice cream outing!

All said, this summer has been motoring along approximately 9.957 billion times more smoothly than last. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve adjusted to working life, or the fact that I actually love my job. But I think the real reason is the ice cream in the middle of the day. Especially when there are sprinkles involved.


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