The Year That Was

11 Jul

July 1st has since come and gone, without me fully recognizing or acknowledging the immense and psychologically traumatizing moment that happened a year ago–I bought my car!

And what a year it’s been–before the engine was warm, I was saddled with hundreds of dollars worth of repairs, which would only multiply exponentially as the months dragged on. Literally every single month has had me writing checks, banging my head against a window (when it’s actually there) and cursing God for gifting me with poor decision making skills.

So in celebration of this joyous occasion (cough cough), I made a time line of the year that was–dysfunctional vehicle edition. The fabulous illustration was done by my amazingly talented sister, and you can see more of her work here. To see the full size time line, click here


2 Responses to “The Year That Was”


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