The End of an Era….At Least for Now

13 Jul

FINALLY. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY FINALYYYYYYYY. Big news! For the next month, I’ll be subletting an apartment in Brooklyn, officially (albeit temporarily) ending my 13 month period of total bat-shit craziness!


As pretty much everyone with a set of eardrums knows, I’ve been living at home and commuting an excruciating two and a half hours each way for the last thirteen months. I had been resigned to this fate until I was officially working full-time, but because miracles and ends of ropes do exist, a friend of a friend was looking for someone to sublet his apartment for a month, and I jumped on it!

I cannot even begin to describe how much I am looking forward to this coming month. My commute will be hacked down to a meager half hour, the apartment is ten minutes away from my friend, and MY COMMUTE WILL BE A HALF HOUR!! This will leave me so much more time to waste noodling away on hulu….joking! I definitely want to take full advantage of the next month, as well as use it as a test for how it would be to live in the city while working. Can I possibly stick to a budget? Will I have any more of a life than I do now? In the words of a rather blunt friend: “You have a life, just not a social one.” It can only get better from there!

So for the next month, this blog will be devoid of what keeps it ticking–bitch fests about New Jersey Transit, my car, and the unnatural amount of time I spend with both. Whatever shall I write about?!?! Perhaps my longing to be reunited with my most prized possession? Uh, no. Well, only time will tell!


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