26 Jul

Ah, interns. They’ve invaded our office, taking up free desk space, crowding the hallways with their incessant chatter, and pretending to look unbelievably busy….while surfing Facebook.

I can certainly speak from experience, as I was an intern many times over. I’ve had such a plethora of experiences at drastically opposite ends of the spectrum–at one internship I spent a week cleaning out someone’s desk, stacking all their loose change in neat little piles and cutting my finger on an errant razor blade in the bottom drawer. Six months later, I was running around Brooklyn with a camera crew covering breaking news.  I treated each task with similar gusto because the bottom line was “Who am I going to please?” and “Will it be enough to land me a job?”

These interns don’t seem to have those same priorities. The intern who sits in the cube next to me spends half the day flirting, and the other half watching Dora the Explorer clips on Youtube for a reason I have yet to comprehend. Plus, the awkwardness….oooo the awkwardness. Perhaps my vision has clouded since I last interned, but I don’t recall sending out department emails signed off with “Cheerio chaps!” (in fact, I was too terrified to send out any department emails…) and I KNOW I never willingly chose to sit by the printer just so I could “meet more people.” I’ve even considered moving my computer so I’ll be less surprised when one of them creeps up on me and asks if I need help.

I made the mistake of asking for help once, and something that probably would’ve taken me the better part of an hour had suddenly morphed into a 2-day task for the intern I handed it off to. Then she gave it back to me, unfinished, and said she “just didn’t have time.” Are you kidding me? That’s all you have lady!

Of course, I look back on my own internship experiences and see myself with a halo glowing around my head. Just a little over a year later, I’m a professional lady, heading off on business trips and schmoozing with the bosses. I have no recollection of being as awkwardly bumbling as this group is. And thankfully, neither did the person that hired me here, since I’m now working where I once interned. These kids have a lot to learn…but first, they better get me a coffee!


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