Technologically Disconnected

1 Aug

It’s finally happened–a return to my roots! My phone is dead, and I’m not getting another one until Thursday. For most, this would seem like a nightmare, but for me, it’s an actual excuse for why it takes me hours to respond to texts and phone calls, and why I generally never pick up my phone.

I’ve always been a little behind on the technology landscape–and I’m the electronic savant in my family, if that gives you a sense of the stone age we live in. I was literally the last person in my entire middle school to get internet, I shared a phone with my mom and sister all through high school (which was dead 90% of the time, particularly at 11:30 at night after running out of gas….) and my shining moment was having a covetable laptop in college. It was a Dell. My friends were delusional, OK??

But now, it’s a little harder to be disconnected. Yesterday, I was struck by oddness of making plans with a friend, and actually being able to execute them without texting her every 5 seconds: “I’m leaving my apartment.” “I’m walking down the street.” “I’m outside your door.” Instead, I left, I walked, and I arrived. We went to brunch, and it was delicious.

My biggest concern is that the primary reason I use my phone is as an alarm clock, and I now have to depend on my internal clock to wake me in time for work. But it did not disappoint–I woke up promptly at 8:30, without the obnoxious beeping of my stupid phone.

Frankly, I like this! Call me old-fashioned (which I am) but it feels liberating to not have a phone buzzing and beeping at me. Plus, all the time I’ve saved so far by not having to root through my purse to find the thing is especially fabulous. Now I just have to remember how I used to tell time….the minute hand is smaller than the hour hand, right?


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