Time Flies

3 Aug

Today I woke up to yet another beautiful summer day in New York City. I went through my routine, had my early morning stroll through Central Park on my way to work, and arrived–on time–at my desk, refreshed, relaxed, and content.

It’s been a really nice few weeks. The lack of my horrendous commute from New Jersey has made my life approximately 20 billion times less stressful. I’ve been able to see friends, enjoy some fresh air, and eat dinner at a respectable hour. And there must be something in the Brooklyn water, because my hair has frankly never looked better! Which we all have learned is the true gauge of my life’s happiness….

The downside however, is that it’s going by so quickly! I have a mere three weeks left before I’m back inside my own personal hell, chauffeured by the spawn of the devil itself: my car. Why is it that time rushes by so quickly when you’re actually enjoying yourself? Why does a weekend day always fly by faster than a slow day at work? Why do a butterflies’ wings flutter more slowly after dark?

Ahem, seems like my time in Brooklyn has made me a tad poetic, but only because I now have time to savor the everyday, instead of moving through life in a manic blur.  While life is flashing before my eyes (with a swath of perfectly coiffed hair flowing behind them), at least I’m enjoying the ride this time around.

The above illustration was done by Rebecca Pry. See more of her work here.


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