Eggplant Overload

10 Aug

When you live by yourself, you typically cook for one. (Unless you’re pregnant …which I am not.) I’ve always had a hard time cooking for myself, mostly because I’m not a huge fan of leftovers and typically don’t consume an entire box of rice in one sitting.

It’s an awful lot of work to make a complex dinner to be enjoyed…alone. I have no problem cooking for my family, or hosting a dinner party for friends, but when it’s just me, I’d rather dump some cereal in a bowl and call it a night than braise a lamb shank in a red wine reduction, whip up some potato puree, and serve with an aged Chablis.  Considering I have no idea what Chablis is, and if it goes with lamb shank, the former seems to be my better choice.

But I’m trying to expand both my cooking skills and my palate for things that don’t start with “corn” and end with “flakes.” Last weekend, I went grocery shopping and bought, among other things, a giant eggplant. They were all the same price, so in my incessant frugality, I found the biggest one there, and headed home with visions of gourmet meals served in candlelight, and me in a silk robe, reading the New Yorker and listening to jazz.

Instead, I’ve basically been eating a variation of eggplant every single night for the past week. Steamed eggplant, grilled eggplant, eggplant sauteed with onions and mushrooms–I feel like the vegetable sitting in my crisper keeps regenerating itself overnight! But it has to be eaten– “waste not, want not,” the old saying goes. Although I think even ancient proverb writers would agree too much of a good thing is, well, too much. Plus, the silk robe has also been a no-go: aside from not owning one, it’s been to hot to swath myself in anything more than a jersey blend.

It’s only going to get more difficult, because I only have a week left in my sublet, and I have an incredibly hard time gauging how much food I’m going to consume. I’ll tell you one thing, another 3 pounds worth of eggplant will not be in my shopping cart. Perhaps it’s time to switch to pea salad?


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