100 Posts–This is Big.

19 Aug

Wow, it’s my 100th post! Looking back, I’ve certainly experienced a lot of, um, angst. Between jobs I’ve hated, commuting I’ve loathed, and haircuts I’ve despised, this blog became a dumping ground for my life complaints. Of course, there were high moments too: my new job, my newer job, and my newest job, trips to Europe, and entertaining run-ins with New Jersey transit bus drivers and oblivious idiots on the street.

This blog morphed from something I started to become insanely and wildly famous (cough cough) and turned into something that kept me from actually going insane.  Aside from being cathartic, I’ve been able to look back at events that seemed huge and traumatizing, and have laughed instead. (Excluding said haircuts, of course.)

In honor of the big 1-0-0, I’ve compiled 10 of my favorite moments. Enjoy, and keep reading!

I can only imagine what the next 100 will bring…

Original illustration by Rebecca Pry. Visit her blog here


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