A Not-So-Funny Joke

2 Sep

Work has been abuzz the past few weeks, as a few new people have been promoted and hired in my department. (Sadly, I’m not one of them.) Yesterday, my supervisor sent out a mass email announcing and introducing the news to everyone. As a joke, I shot off a quippy email to a friend of mine, which said that we had also been hired, were awesome, and would be working there forever. I then added “Looks like she forgot to add that part!” Ha. Ha. Ha.

Of course, I knew I had hit “Forward” instead of “Reply all” because I checked five times before emailing her.  But the second I hit send, I was struck by a sickening feeling that my little joke was going to be broadcast to a hundred people, including every single one of my co-workers, bosses, and company execs. Practically paralyzed, I went into my outbox, and saw that, in fact, I had just sent it to my friend. But I learned a rather important lesson during my irrational freak out–I should keep my jokes to myself!

Thankfully, my OCD tendencies have me checking emails six or seven times through before sending, to avoid previous faux pas, but just thinking about what could’ve happened is enough for me to slink to the water cooler and whisper my joke while running the tap and turning on the microwave. Or, I could just not say anything at all and avoid unnecessary panic. Hmm, somehow, the first option seems more feasible….


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