I Need a Hobby

7 Sep

Work has once again taken over my life. Now that I’m back to living at home, my day consists of commuting, work, and sleep. Sure, there might be time at 10 pm to fit in something a bit more substantial, but at 10 pm, does anyone really feel like doing anything?

Unfortunately, my week schedule seems to also plague my weekends. This past weekend, I played a few sets of tennis every day…and then spent the rest of it pretty much doing nothing. It’s like I’ve forgotten what I did when I wasn’t working. What did I do with all my free time in college? My summer vacations? My childhood? Can nothing interesting be salvaged to help fill my weekend idleness?

Of course, the weekend is meant to be used for relaxing, but at the end of the day, I look back and think, “Huh, I probably could’ve done a little more today.” I just don’t want to be some one-trick pony: workaholic…and that’s pretty much it. I need some hobbies, something to add to the extracurriculars people toss around in bars (which I never go to) and parties (which I also never go to.)

My past “hobbies” have included collaging every blank surface available to me (including a pair of high-heeled shoes), practicing my saxophone for an hour a day, and cutting bangs into my hair. More recently, my hobbies have included having mental breakdowns, trawling Craigslist for unattainable NYC real estate, and cutting bangs into my hair. Perhaps it’s time to mix things up a bit. I’m 23 years old, shouldn’t I be into cupcake decorating, or graffiti-art or something similarly hipster-like and cool?

I’m just feeling uninspired of late, and rather blah. It’s probably a combination of the endless rain that’s been drenching the Northeast (and my mood) and the general feeling that this whole “waiting for something better to happen” lifestyle is getting to hang out. I need some spice and pizzazz! I need some knitting needles and a conviction! I certainly need something, because my morning elevator rides where I recap my evening with a droll “I did nothing” isn’t doing me any favors.


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