Staying Late

9 Sep

The past few nights have been late ones at work. I’m working on a few large projects and have been late into work every day this week because of the apparent Apocalypse hanging right over my head. Working until 9 o’clock is not exactly my idea of a good time, especially when it means I don’t get home until 11:30 at night, leaving me with just enough time to shower and fall into bed. However, there’s a sense of calm that comes when you realize there’s no way in hell you’ll be leaving at a normal hour. Without the stress of trying to make it home for dinner, or even trying to get out of the Lincoln Tunnel in less than 45 minutes, I can sit back and work with a clear head. Frankly, I should stay at work late every night–I get a lot more done that way!

It’s funny that over the past year, I’ve literally worked every hour of the day at one point. My first job had me working through the afternoon and evening, my second one had me starting at midnight and working until the morning, and this job has me working at what could essentially pass as normal hours. Not a single hour of the day has been un-worked in my book!

That’s journalism folks. The show must always go on….literally. Unlike my two previous jobs, I have most of my weekends off, and I didn’t even have to work Labor Day this year! Sure, it’s the little things, but until I change careers or win the lottery, I better stock up on coffee, Valium, and my night vision goggles!


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