September 11

12 Sep

I’ve been thinking a lot about this date over the past several weeks. At work, plans for an anniversary special were in the works for months, and last week, I spent every hour of my work day completely immersed in footage, photos, and video recordings–day in and day out, it was an emotional overload.

They say seasoned journalists learn to block out the emotion and do the job, but I’m far from being that experienced, and it was tough. It was tough to watch, tough to hear, tough to make the decisions on what to show and what to cut. At the end of the day, I was left feeling sad and overwhelmed by the horror of that day.

I was just 13 when it happened, really too young to feel the true gravity of those events. I felt sad on the anniversaries because everyone was sad. But now, as I get older and see the names of people barely older than me who lost their lives on that day, I’m struck by the enormity of such a loss. Now, as someone who has lived and worked in New York, it was a powerful feeling to walk those streets yesterday. The sense of pride in this city, in each other, was heartwarming and genuine.

Watching our show last night, I was also proud to be a journalist. Honoring the people who died on that day, and the people who survived, was emotional, but it was also important. I felt lucky, once again, to be a part of it, in some small way.

Obviously, September 11 is a day no one will ever forget. But it is also a day to recognize our good fortune, the lives we have, and the opportunities we’re given. Someone on the radio this morning said it well: “It should be a day to remember, but also to laugh, and live. They would want that for us.”


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