A ‘Grizzly’ Dream

15 Sep

I had quite the dream last night, and after spending the last hour attempting to interpret it, am sufficiently freaked out.

In my dream, I was taking a walk with someone, and suddenly see a grizzly bear. I start running away, and it starts to chase me. The person I’m walking with tells me to put my hand down, so I hunch over and basically drag my hand on the ground. The bear’s nose is right next to my hand, and the second I go to stand up, he nudges me. However, as long as I stay hunched over, the bear seems perfectly friendly. I walk up to my street, and the bear is gone. I start running, but the bear appears at the bottom of my street and starts running up the hill towards me. So I once again hunch over. Then I woke up.

Ah. Woah. While I am the queen of over-analyzing, dream interpretation is not exactly my forte, so I left it to the pros (ahem…Wikipedia). The great mystics there said that being chased by a bear meant I was facing an obstacle in my life that was giving me a sense of competition, possibly making me feel threatened.

Uh, HELLOOOO–that’s my ENTIRE LIFE. I’m surprised I haven’t been dreaming of bears every single night for the past 15 months! However, the past few weeks have been particularly stressful because I’m reaching the end of my contract here and am once again faced with unknowns completely out of my control. I’m applying for a job along with a ton of other people, attempting to banish all daydreams of actually getting said job, and am DYING TO FIND OUT ABOUT IT. It’s left me a bit wound up.

I’m just thankful I didn’t have my dad’s stress dream–he once dreamed he killed someone. Yikes! I think I’ll take those bears any day!


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