People Are Cranky Today

20 Sep

Phew, it’s only Tuesday and people are already in their Thursday afternoon moods! I walked into work this morning to a scowling security guard, rode up in the elevator with someone fighting with their boyfriend, and ran into a coworker racing down the hall cursing under his breath! Then, the printer ran out of paper, sending another coworker into a flurry of irritation. Seems like today might have been a day to wake up on the other side of the bed!

I, on the other hand, am in a rather good mood today! Possible reasons:

1. Traffic only gave me a partial headache this morning, instead of the usual full-blown migraine

2. I like my outfit

3. My hair looks good

4. I got into work on time

And that’s pretty much all it takes, apparently. Give me a good hair day and a semi-taxing commute and I’m as good as gold! But don’t think I have any plans to flaunt my good nature in front of all the sour-pusses in the office today …when my coworker started pounding the printer in frustration, I simply said “It’s one of those days,” with a sympathetic eye roll. I do not want to be at the receiving end of anyone’s printer-pounding-spurred anger. I’ll keep my chipperness inside, and savor my mood until it too sours. A perfect coif doesn’t last all day!


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